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Challenges of Moving From a Long Term Residence

Written by Sarah Lynch on February 10, 2017

Maybe it’s the home you grew up in, or the house in which you raised your kids or that place you’ve lived for the past 15 years while waiting to land that dream job. Whatver the place, whatever the reason, suddenly it’s time to move. The house is sold, the lease is ending, and you […]

Decided To Move? How to survive!

Written by Renee Oreshkov on January 7, 2017
"Let's Get A Move On," with Denise Logan

So you got a new job and have to move. Right now you’re probably feeling excited, happy but also maybe a little overwhelmed. I understand, I have moved 23 times. I am an RN and my husband is an RT. We have worked from coast to coast over the last 15-year until at last settling […]