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Find a Realtor™ you can trust and who understands the challenges of your lifestyle. The team at Distinctive Realty Services is small enough to focus on you and your needs, but big enough to offer a full range of real estate services to their clients in central Illinois.  Whether you are selling a home in the Springfield IL area, buying a home in the Springfield IL area, relocating or contemplating new home construction, the Realtors™ at Distinctive Realty Services will be there for you.

Distinctive Realty Service Advantages

Strength in Numbers – We are a members of the Real Estate Group – the number 1 agency in Springfield. As a team of over 100 agents, we average 5 transactions per day!

Knowledge – When you choose Distinctive Realty Services, not only can you expect comprehensive knowledge of the real estate market and industry, but a willingness to learn about you and your needs.

Understanding – Our many years of experience have given us a thorough understanding of the unique demands of professionals and their families. We will work around your schedule and help to make the real estate process as efficient as possible.

Respect – We believe in respect for your privacy, time, needs, finances, home and most importantly, you!

Integrity – We treat all parties with honesty, understand the importance of confidentiality and will always represent your best interest.

Communication – Buying and selling a home can be stressful. That’s why we’re committed to open and frequent communication. We want you to know where we are at in the process, every step of the way, and are always willing to answer any questions. We have office hours 7 days a week and you will always be able to reach us by mobile phone.

Negotiation – We will work with you to develop a complete negotiation strategy to ensure you end up with the best possible outcome.

Detail Oriented – When it comes to buying and selling a home there is a tremendous number of details. Our background and experience in the real estate market has afforded us a wealth of information on the process. So enjoy the experience and leave the details to us!

Every Step of the Way – From staging your home all the way to post-closing information, we will be there for you. Satisfied clients provide the best referrals for our business.

Professionalism – From working with other agents who show your home to negotiating an offer, we will always represent you in the most professional and considerate manner.

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